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Manitou Springs and Engelheim

Manitou Beach Mineral Spa

October 18 & November 15, 2020

Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa are located in the Village Resort of Manitou Beach, come and enjoy some time to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The lake is fed by underground springs, and has a mineral content high in Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium Salts due to it being a Terminal Lake. The salt content of the water gives it a Salinity about half of that of the Dead Sea, allowing bathers to float easily.

Manitou Beach Mineral Spa

Mineral Spa

Manitou Mineral Spa

The Resorts heated Mineral pool contains golden-brown water which is the result of the minerals in the water. The water originates from Little Manitou; 9000 gallons of water are pumped in, then warmed and circulated.


Constructed between 1928 and 1930, this historic dance hall features a 5000-sq-ft hardwood floor that was built on top of 6 to 10 inches of horse hair, giving it a buoyancy that dancers love. We will be given a tour by the owner Milly.

Nokomis Museum


Junction city

Gallery on 3rd

Gallery on 3rd Watrous

The Gallery on 3rd is operated by the Watrous and Area Arts Council. Traveling art shows are displayed as well as the works of local artists. 

Tour Includes:

  • Motor Coach Transportation
  • Admission to the Mineral Spa
  • Admission to Danceland
  • Admission to the Gallery on 3rd
  • Professional Tour Director
  • Fun & Games on the way

Gazebo Manitou Beach

$ 59.00 per person

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